Deal Police Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau, led by Sergeant Nick Vaccaro (, or 732-531-1113 ext 228), is responsible for the enforcement of state motor vehicle laws, local ordinances, and investigation of motor vehicle crashes throughout the Borough of Deal, Borough of Interlaken and the Village of Loch Arbour. This includes serious, fatal, and hit and run motor vehicle crashes. The Bureau keeps record of the motor vehicles impounded for motor vehicle violations, and applies for junk and resale titles through the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission when the vehicles are not removed from the impound location.

The Traffic Safety Bureau offers a variety of services to residents:

  1. Maintains records for motor vehicle crashes;
  2. Conducts motor vehicle enforcement at high volume & crash rate locations to promote safe driving practices;
  3. Provides support to monthly NJ Motor Vehicle Commission inspection check points;
  4. Conducts Drunk Driving roving and stationary patrols;
  5. Provides assistance in planning traffic patterns for events;
  6. Provides assistance in scheduling off duty officers to help with traffic control.
Deal Police participates in NJ Law Enforcement Challenge: 
The “Law Enforcement Challenge” is a Traffic Safety Initiative that examines local law enforcement’s effectiveness in the areas of Impaired Driving, Occupant Protection, Speed Awareness, Crash Reduction and other local traffic safety problem solving efforts. While the NLEC is formatted as a competition, it is also a “Blue Print” for a successful traffic safety program in your community.
National Law Enforcement Challenge:
2010: First Place
2011: First Place
2012: Second Place
2013: National Recognition
2016: Third Place Nationally

Traffic Bureau FAQ

How can I obtain an accident report?

If you would like to obtain an accident report, you can now do that online. Click here and you will be directed to the Crashdocs website where you can enter your name, the date of the accident, and the accident report number to obtain a secure copy of your crash report.

What can I do if I want to plan an event or race where I would need to use the roadways of Deal, Interlaken or Loch Arbour?

Contact Sergeant Vaccaro at 732-531-1113 Ext 228 and he will assist you in planning the traffic control that you need and officers that are needed. Also you must speak with the Borough office and provided the reason and insurance for the event.

What can I do if I have traffic concerns in my neighborhood?

If you have a concern with traffic in your neighborhood such as speeding vehicles, you should contact the Traffic Safety Bureau in writing or by phone. A Traffic Safety Officer will respond to your neighborhood to survey the traffic. Officers may remain posted on your street during busy traffic times to issue summonses. Calls may be placed to 732-531-1113 extension 228, or write to Traffic Safety Bureau 190 Norwood Avenue, Deal NJ 07723.

If I am in a traffic accident, what should I do?

As Deal, Interlaken, and Loch Arbour grows, so does traffic congestion and the likelihood of traffic accidents. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are certain steps you should follow for your safety as well as to assist you through the entire process. Regardless of the severity of the damage, always call the police department to respond and make a report. NEVER leave the scene of an accident without first reporting the accident to a police officer. If your vehicle is still in the roadway, there are NO injuries reported as a result of the collision and your vehicle is safe to do so, carefully move your vehicle to a safe location (i.e. shoulder of roadway or parking lot) If you are unable to move your vehicle safely to another location, remain in your vehicle until assistance arrives. Unless your vehicle is in a hazardous location, then dismount your vehicle and go to a safe location. Attempt to refrain from arguing with any other persons involved in the collision. Retrieve your drivers license, registration and insurance card. Be prepared to produce these documents to the officer who responds to investigate your collision. When an officer asks you questions pertaining to the collision, attempt to give a clear and concise account of the accident. Do not feel that any piece of information is too minor to report. Ask the officer for your case number so you can give that case number to the Police Records Bureau when retrieving your accident report. You may obtain a copy of your accident report after 5 to 7 working days at the Deal Police Department. You may also follow the attached link and enter the information required to obtain a copy of your accident report through Crashdocs.

What do I do if my vehicle was impounded?

If your vehicle was impounded for any reason, there are several things that you need to do in order to have your vehicle released. First you must have all your documents, which include: a valid registration and valid proof of insurance. Next, the owner of the vehicle must come to the Deal Police Headquarters and provide the above documents to the officer. Once this is done you will receive a release form and be told where to go in order to retrieve your vehicle. Note: The Deal Police Department does not charge any money for the release of the vehicle. All payment for the tow and impound fees will be paid directly to the towing agency.

Deal Police Motor Unit

The Deal Police Motor Unit has roots as far back as 1915 under Deal’s first Chief of Police Frank Rogers. The department originally utilized Excelsior Motorcycles for various patrol functions and response. The present day motor unit was started in September 2010, after receiving a 2006 Harley Davidson Police Road King from the Borough of Interlaken, following a shared services agreement. The unit was expanded in the summer of 2014 to include the acquisition of a 2015 Harley Davidson Police Road King. This has allowed motor officers to provide escorts and participate in a wide variety of events. The 2015 Harley was acquired through the generous donations of several Deal residents who support the Deal Motor Unit. The generous residents feel, and we agree, that there is nothing more professional than a cop on a Harley.

The motorcycles have become an invaluable tool for our department and helps provide a level of service our residents have come to know, expect and deserve. The Deal Motor Officers take great pride in the Unit and the Job. Their high shine boots, clean motorcycles, and professionalism on the job everyday exemplifies what it means to be a Motor Officer.

This unit was created with several goals in mind:

  1. The ability to supplement patrol with an alternative means of traffic enforcement;
  2. To offer a less visible means of crime detection and prevention;
  3. To promote public relations by providing the residents a more readily available means of speaking with officers;
  4. To serve as primary vehicle for special events, that include: funeral escorts, parades, and traffic control in all types of events.

Sergeant Brian Egan and Sergeant Nicholas Vaccaro brought back the unit with these goals in mind. These officers completed a rigorous course that was designed to test their riding ability as well as their coordination when completing various police functions. We participate in annual re-certification's and offer our services to as many other agencies as we can. Our unit has participated in a wide variety of special functions and public events and we look forward to continuing to provide this service to our residents.

Traffic Code Document

To learn about important parking and traffic rules and regulations for the Borough of Deal, you can download the PDF document here.