New Jersey’s E-Bike and E-Scooter Law

In New Jersey, e-bikes are now classified under a new vehicle class as “low-speed electric bicycles” as of May 14, 2019. These e-bikes can be either pedal-assist or throttle-powered. Key points include:

Low-Speed Electric Bicycles:
– Maximum speed: 20 mph
– Motor power: less than 750 watts
– No license, insurance, or registration required
– Must follow traditional bicycle laws (e.g., obeying traffic signals)
– Can park on sidewalks without blocking pedestrian traffic
– Helmet use is required for riders under 17
– Types:
– Class 1: Motor assists only while pedaling, stops at 20 mph
– Class 2: Motor can propel the bike without pedaling, stops at 20 mph

Motorized Bicycles:
– Electric pedal bicycles with speeds between 20-28 mph
– Gas-powered bicycles with piston displacement under 50 cc
– Require driver’s license, registration, and insurance
– Helmet use required

These regulations ensure e-bikes follow safety and traffic rules while distinguishing between different types of electric and motorized bicycles.